Our History

1974 Michel Van Malderen founded Office Van Malderen.

The office was firstly established in Brussels and Liège and started with 4 people.
Office Van Malderen was a fusion of 2 established offices:

  • Office Lagasse-Hamal located in Liège and founded more than 100 years ago.
  • Office Buchet located in Brussels in the years ‘50.

1988 In Luxembourg, Ernest A. Meyers founded Office Meyers & Van Malderen.

1998 Bureau Verplancke, an office specialized in trademarks, integrated Office Van Malderen. In consequence, a branch of Office Van Malderen was created in Bruges.

1999 Acquisition of European Office Rothschild by Office Van Malderen.

2001 PRONOVEM’s website went online.

2003 Franck MATKOWSKA, a French and European Patent Attorney, founded the French branch of PRONOVEM Group in cooperation with Office Van Malderen. Cabinet Matkowska et Associés is located near the city of Lille, in Villeneuve d’Ascq.

2004 PRONOVEM was adopted as the corporate identity of Office Van Malderen, Office Meyers and Van Malderen and Cabinet Matkowska et Associés.

2004 Office Van Malderen moved to the beautiful premises of Hôpital Français in Berchem-St-Agathe.

2005 Integration of “Bureau Bruxellois des Marques” (Merkenlijn), in short BML & Partners.

2006 Creation of PRONOVEM Marks. The new company took over the trademark and design activities of Office Van Malderen.

2012 The office of Liège moved to new premises in Belle-Ile.

2013 PRONOVEM Luxembourg moved to new premises in Esch-Belval.

2014 Opening of a branch in the south of the Netherlands.

2015 Our office PRONOVEM Swiss opened in the North of Switzerland.