A patent is a time-limited monopoly granted by a state for a new and non-obvious solution to a technical problem. The patentee may take legal action against third parties producing, using, importing or selling the invention claimed in the patent.

A patent is obtained by filing a patent application at a patent office. Patent grant proceedings are governed by very specific rules. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you rely on the professional assistance of a patent attorney when you consider applying for a patent.

Our patent attorneys all have an academic degree in a technical field, so they can best understand your invention. Furthermore, they are also all versed in the laws and international treaties and conventions relating to patents, as well as in patent case law, in order to efficiently provide you with the best protection for your invention.

Our services in relation with patents include:

Assistance prior to preparing your Patent Application
Drafting your Patent Application
Filing your Patent Application
Representing you before Patent Offices
Prosecution of Patent Applications Worldwide
Annuity Payment Service & National Formalities
Defensive Actions against 3rd Party Patents
Assistance in Patent Litigation
Patent Monitoring & Analytics (Competitive Intelligence )
Patent Portfolio Analyses/Audits