If you are a university

Patenting the technical results of your research activities helps you to

  • Boost your reputation as a research institution.

  • Increase your visibility and credibility as a partner of industries in future R&D projects.

  • Strengthen your position in the competition between universities for top ratings.

  • Give leverage to your co-operation with industrial partners.

  • Secure your researchers’ share in terms of recognition by the scientific community.

  • Facilitate the creation of spin-off companies.

  • Generate revenue from your research through licensing and transferring your patents.

We can assist you in converting scientific achievements into assets. We offer numerous services including

  • Raising your researchers’ awareness of intellectual property and the need to safeguard intellectual property rights before the publication of their research results.

  • Carrying out IP audits aiming inter alia at identifying unprotected inventions.

  • Defining protection strategies.

  • Drafting and filing your patent applications.

  • Prosecuting your IP rights through grant proceedings and, if necessary, defending them in opposition.

  • Covering IPR aspects in negotiations with potential cooperation partners.

Accessible Personal Contact

Pronovem puts at your disposal a team of IP specialists with expertise in virtually all technical areas. All our patent attorneys have a scientific or technical qualification of university-level.

They speak the language of scientific researchers and have the skills to translate it into legal documents.

Each file entrusted to us is handled by a team of two attorneys, one acting as your principal contact and the other one being available as a back-up. If you have an enquiry, it is very easy to get in touch with them either by email or by phone.

If considered beneficial, a personal meeting or video conference can be easily arranged.

Pricing structure

We have a transparent pricing policy: at any moment, you can ask for a cost estimate before you take a decision on a certain action.

We offer various interventions at fixed prices allowing you to know well in advance exactly how much we will invoice you.

Advantageous rates may be agreed upon in a framework agreement on the procurement of IP consultancy services tailored to the needs of your research institution.