If you are an inventor

Keep your results confidential. Disclosing your invention before filing a patent application ruins its patentability in most countries
and deprives you from the most efficient protection for technical inventions.

Don’t wait until it's too late…

We recommend that you contact us at a very early stage of the invention process, to explain us your invention and your plans regarding its commercialization. This will allow us to guide you in the most efficient way to a valuable protection of your invention.

Meet us in person

A personal meeting is the best way to brief us about your invention, your commercial/strategic aims and your budget.

With this background knowledge, we will be able to advise you on how to efficiently proceed for protecting your invention in your specific case.

If you are novice to the patenting process, we will explain you what the patenting of your invention can achieve, what will be its limits and what will be the time and cost frame for the different steps.

Prior art search

A prior art or background search helps you to gain a better understanding of the state of the art. You will be able to appreciate which aspects of the invention are already known and which are not. A well-defined preliminary prior art search may help you to redefine, if necessary, your aims.

We perform this prior art or background search in-house or guide you to public or commercial patent search providers. We assist you in defining the scope of the search and in interpreting the search results.

Non-Disclosure, Cooperation and Co-Ownership Agreements

Before taking the decision to invest in a patent application, you may need to clarify certain issues regarding the invention with other persons (e.g. a prospective client, a potential partner, a supplier of equipment or services etc.).

Before you share information with third parties, you should have them sign a carefully drafted non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement.

Also, before starting a collaboration with a third party, you should settle who will have the right to a file patent application. If a patent application is to be owned jointly, a coownership agreement should be prepared to define the rights and obligations of each applicant.

Preparation and prosecution of your patent application

We assist you in obtaining patent protection for your invention. When our patent attorney drafts your application, he will make sure that the invention is well described and properly claimed. He will also introduce fallback positions, such that the application is in the best possible shape to face imponderabilities during grant proceedings or life of the patent.

Patent grant proceedings follow complicated administrative procedures, which require a sound understanding of the patent laws and regulations as well as efficient and reliable case management on the applicant’s side. We efficiently manage these proceedings for you in Europe and throughout the world.