If you are interested in European Patent Protection

Pronovem’s European Patent Attorneys (Professional Representatives listed with the European Patent Office)
will be happy to assist you in any matter relating to European Patents

Patent protection in Europe

There are currently two routes for obtaining a European Patent: you can choose the direct European route ("Euro-direct application") and the route via the PCT (Patent Co-operation Treaty) using the EPO as designated or elected Office ("Euro-PCT application").

We may assist you in all proceedings established by the EPC (European Patent Convention). We regularly represent clients from the United States and the Asia-Pacific region before the EPO.

Euro-direct applications

These applications are filed according to the provisions of Article 75(1) EPC, i.e. directly with the EPO or with a competent authority of an EPC Contracting State. Divisional applications have to be filed directly with the EPO. Euro-direct applications may be filed with or without a priority claim.



Euro-PCT applications

A PCT application for which the EPO is a designated Office has, as from its international filing date the effect of a regular European application (Euro-direct application). The EPO automatically gives each international application for which the EPO is designated Office a European application number. The time limit for entering the European phase is 31 months from the date of filing or, if priority has been claimed, from the earliest priority date.


Your advantages when appointing Pronovem:

  • Competent and experienced European patent attorneys

  • Expertise in various areas of technology (including computer-implemented inventions, ICT, space technologies, telecommunications, biotech, polymer chemistry, …)

  • Different service levels available on request

  • One-stop-shop for validation of European patents

  • Reports including easy-to-understand instruction forms

  • Attractive pricing structure (flat fees for European phase entry or Euro-direct filing)