Portfolio Management

Design Portfolio Management

Your designs are valuable intangible assets, as they confer on you the right to prevent others from commercially using identical or similar designs (to extent that these do not produce on the informed user a different overall impression). We manage your portfolio of designs professionally and reliably.

Competence in Design Matters

Our services cover all stages in the life of a design application or registered design. With our network of specialized IP law firms, we handle design proceedings before the registration offices and contentious matters worldwide. We keep you informed about all relevant developments in your design case. Upcoming renewals of your designs are reminded to you for an entire calendar year, allowing easy budgeting your design protection.

Trademark & Design Audit

Which signs do you use on the market? Are they adequately protected? Does your portfolio contain trademarks or designs that you no longer use? Are the data in the official registers up to date? Do you monitor third-party uses of identical or similar signs? These and other questions are systematically addressed in a trademark & design audit. Such an audit helps you, amongst others, to gain a better overview and knowledge of your trademarks and designs, to correct discrepancies between your marketing efforts and the IP rights you own and to define measures for defending your trademarks and designs against illegitimate use.