Annuity Payments & Formalities

Keeping your patents in force or your patent applications pending requires the payment of annual fees
(also called: annuities, renewal fees or maintenance fees) within certain payment windows.
Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requests.

Validation of European Patents

The acts necessary for validating European patents after grant by the European Patent Office depend on the national requirements of the EPC member states. We take care of filing any translations and appointment of local representatives.


Translations of patent applications or patents may be needed at different stages of the patenting process. Likewise, machine translations are sometimes insufficient to understand a competitor’s patent and to assess its scope. We work with translators who are specialists in this field and capable of precisely translating complex technical matters into the language of your choice.

Registration of changes

We take care of requesting updates to the relevant patent registers when there is a change of name or address of the applicant/proprietor, a change of ownership, a license or another right in rem affecting a patent or patent application.