Patent Drafting, Filing and Prosecution

A patent application is the legal document that sets the final framework for the desired protection to be obtained in grant proceedings.
A poorly drafted patent application may render it impossible to obtain effective protection for your invention, regardless of its merits.


It is of utmost importance that the invention is claimed in a correct manner in order to ensure the patent adequately protects you and has the capability to support your marketing efforts over many years. Our patent attorneys have the technical understanding to describe and most effectively claim the invention. They will add fallback positions, so the application is in the best possible shape to face the imponderables associated with patent grant or infringement proceedings as well as with the life-cycle of the patented product or process.


Taking full advantage of the language skills of our multilingual patent attorneys, you may decide whether we shall prepare and file your patent application in English, French, German or Dutch.


International Application Prosecution

We represent you before the European patent office (EPO) and certain national patent offices, in particular in our home countries Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In countries where we do not act directly before the patent offices, we rely on a vast network of carefully selected local correspondents for taking care of your patent applications.

One-Stop Shop

We coordinate the patent grant proceedings in all countries of your choice.

We manage your case in full transparency and keep you informed about the advancement of the grant proceedings by means of reports informing you about the state of the file and the next steps that need to be undertaken or that we recommend to undertake. Our reports include easy-to-understand instruction forms, which you may fill in and return to us in order to let us know how you want to proceed.