Pre-Filing Assistance

To warrant efficient patent protection, we choose to advise and assist you long before the actual moment of a specific patent application.
Our services include trainings or seminars to raise inventors’ awareness on IP, assistance in invention harvesting,
background or freedom-to-operate searches, etc.

Invention Generation/Identification

We help you to seize patenting opportunities through dedicated training and seminars, inventor consultation sessions, participating in brain-storming sessions with your researchers, engineers or marketing experts.

Raising awareness for IP and thorough invention harvesting helps you reach your strategic innovation targets.



State-of-the-Art Searching

We may assist you with state-of-the-art searches at any stage of your innovation or research project. Such a search:

  • makes you aware of what your competitors have already developed

  • avoids wasting energy and money on investing in technologies that are no longer patentable

  • shows development trends in your field of endeavor

  • fosters creativity when developing or improving products/processes

  • identifies third party patent rights that may jeopardize your project

Preliminary Patentability Assessment

If you hesitate to apply for a patent because you have doubts if your invention is still patentable, we provide a preliminary patentability analysis. Our guidance will help you decide whether applying for a patent is a good option.

Freedom-to-Operate Analyses

While you take the necessary steps to patent your innovations, your competitors’ patents may bar you from putting a product onto the market or from using a process. A freedom-to-operate study helps you assess the risk of infringement of your competitors’ patents.


Our patent attorneys and lawyers may assist you in negotiating and drafting NDAs (non-Disclosure Agreements), Co-operation and R&D agreements in order to adequately protect your interests.