Brand Creation

Assistance in Trademark Creation

You use brands to stand out from competition, to make your offer be heard from your customers and to enter a relationship with them. We cover the intellectual property aspects of your branding, re-branding and other marketing projects. We help you to protect your brands and to turn your marketing expenses into investments and assets.

Selecting Strong Trademarks

We advise you what signs are eligible for registration as a trademark, what difficulties you may have to face when registering a proposed trademark and how strong the associated protection will be.

Trademark clearance

An availability check (trademark clearance) is carried out in order to determine whether the proposed trademark has not yet been registered by someone else and whether there are no similar trademarks or other rights that might lead to conflicts.

Defining the Scope of Your Trademarks

The Nice Classification divides the goods and services into 45 categories (or classes). We know which classes to choose and how to define the goods and services so as to best serve your interests.


Thinking Further

Based on your projects and business plans, we provide guidance concerning the choice of countries in which your trademark shall be protected and on the use of international and regional treaties making its registration cost-efficient.